Washington State’s non-profit wholesale broadband and telecommunications solutions provider

Northwest Open Access Network (NoaNet) is a not-for-profit wholesale telecommunications mutual corporation that has been serving Washington State since 2000. As a mission-driven organization, NoaNet focuses on bringing world-class telecommunications technology to hard-to-reach communities which lack access to high-speed affordable broadband services.

NoaNet addresses Washington’s digital divide through effective engineering and deployment of broadband networks and technology services to communities, government entities, businesses, ports and tribal communities. With robust fiber-optic infrastructure in place, together we can help save lives, reduce government costs, increase access to education and create business opportunities for generations to come. We look forward to the opportunity to work with you to help bring world-class broadband technologies and services to your community.


Quick Facts About NoaNet:

NoaNet sustains operations through the sale of its products and services to RSPs. We receive no government subsidies to operate.
NoaNet connects many of the State’s schools to high-capacity broadband services to help students thrive.
NoaNet does not overbuild existing networks where services are available for purchase. We buy from over 30 different networks.
NoaNet offers both lit and dark fiber services, depending on customer requirements and available infrastructure.
NoaNet is an open-access wholesale carrier. RSPs buy products and services that are resold to end-users.
NoaNet receives no tax or utility ratepayer revenue. All revenue is from products and services sold in the competitive marketplace.