NoaNet was formed by public utility districts to meet the needs of Washington State’s communities that were unserved and underserved with high-speed broadband. Through building a network of fiber-optic telecommunications systems and platform technologies,  NoaNet has been able to reach communities that may never have had access.

High-quality broadband access is crucial for utilities to monitor and secure public utilities in cost and time-effective ways.  Utility networks provide secure connections that are redundant and reliable. These allow critical traffic to travel uninterrupted so that utilities can monitor and respond to events in real time. This prepares utilities for efficient and timely deployment of utility employees in case of emergency or outage. Broadband access is also a matter of public safety for utilities so utilities must meet NERC & FERC regulatory standards. Power grids, water, and other public services must be protected to ensure the health and safety of the entire community.

NoaNet is proud that PUD and utility services are a part of our DNA. We believe that high-quality broadband is the newest utility service, and look forward to continuing to work with creative partnerships to inspire innovative solutions for rural broadband deployment.