NoaNet is born from Public Utility Districts (PUDs) who provide utility services. It is our mission to provide technology services and solutions tailored to meet utility requirements. We have dozens of utility customers and advanced solutions that have proven results in improving utility operations. Today, ten Washington State PUDs sit on our board of directors.

Utility networks provide secure connections that are redundant and reliable. These allow critical traffic to travel uninterrupted so that utilities can monitor and respond to events in real time. This prepares utilities for efficient and timely deployment of utility employees in case of emergency or outage.

NoaNet provides technology solutions helping utilities meet NERC & FERC regulatory requirements. We offer technology solutions for utilities that include voice, physical and cyber security and private network/private cloud solutions where utility data never traverses the public internet or public cloud.

Utility Platform Solutions

Network Services and Solutions:
10/40/100Gbps Transport
10 Mbps to 10Gbps Managed Transport service over a MPLS network
Diverse Internet Transit Services
SD-WAN connectivity

Business Solutions:
Interconnected Voice (Cloud PBX)
SIP Business services

Private Hybrid Cloud:
Virtual Compute
Virtual Storage (Direct Connect)
Public Cloud Direct Connect (coming soon)

Access Control and Surveillance Systems
DDOS protection
Advanced managed Firewall solutions