NoaNet supports a multitude of national and regional carriers with line-rate transport from 1G to 100G. The NoaNet network is built with a high level of resiliency and flexibility to best serve your customers.


Wavelengths (xWDM)

NoaNet operates a 40 channel DWDM system that can support dedicated wavelength services of 10G to 100G. With a multitude of fiber routes, NoaNet can provide path diversity from your current services through other carriers. Wavelength services can be implements as either protected or non-protected. Our engineers can work with you on your specific hands-off needs.

Ethernet NNI

Take advantage of NoaNet’s far-reaching infrastructure to expand your network footprint and provide services to rural areas of Washington. NoaNet E-NNI is MEF compliant and available in either 1G or 10G physical ports. Setting up an E-NNI with NoaNet streamlines service turn-up and expands your business’s customer base.


NoaNet provides protected or non-protected SONET-based services from DS#s to OC-192.

Fiber to the Tower

NoaNet support multiple mobile operators by building fiber to the tower and backhauling voice/video/data to their respective MTSOs.

Legacy TDM

NoaNet can integrate with your legacy infrastructure to provide T1 or DS3 services to rural locations.