Network Services

NoaNet’s Network Services Suite offers a diverse solution for whatever needs need to be met. Our staff will work diligently and creatively to come up with a customized solution for any situation to expand services in Washington State.

Internet Access
NoaNet provides dedicated high-speed broadband internet across Washington.  We are highly involved in the internet community and having multiple peering relationships with content providers to allow for low-latency access to content.

NoaNet provides scalability, security, and ease of configuration over a resilient Ethernet network. Ethernet Enterprise solutions include Point-to-Point (E-Line), Point-to-Multipoint (E-Tree), Multipoint-to-Multipoint (E-LAN, VPLS).

NoaNet supports a multitude of national and regional carriers with line-rate transport from 1G to 100G. The NoaNet network is built with a high level of resiliency and flexibility to best serve your customers.

Regional Colocation Services
NoaNet offers secure colocation services at 35 regional access POPs to bring rural communities closer to your reach. At select facilities, we also offer Wireless colocation services to allow for wireless Internet Service Providers to expand their networks reach without the high capital requirement.

SD-WAN securely extends your private IP-VPN to remote locations using an Internet connection while offering high availability and failover options for your network.