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Craig Nelsen

Acting Chief Executive Officer

Craig has been working in the telecom industry for over 30 years and he brings that wealth of experience to his role of Chief Executive Officer at NoaNet. His background in technology, customer care, project management, and sales have been invaluable to NoaNet since he joined the team in 2012. Craig attended the Motion Picture Arts and Science Academy. He lives in beautiful Beaverton, Oregon with his wife and two children.

Craig Nelsen | Chief Operations Officer | NoaNet
Chris Walker | Telecommunications Director | NoaNet
Telecommunications Director
Rich Nall | General Manager of Tri-Cities | NoaNet
General Manager of Tri-Cities
John Fryling | Operations Director | NoaNet
Operations Director
Duane Ball | Business Systems & Technology Director | NoaNet
Business Systems & Technology Director
Rob Kopp | Chief Innovation Officer | NoaNet
Chief Innovation Officer
Mike Henson | Chief Security Officer | NoaNet
Chief Operating Officer
John Smith | Chief Technology Officer | NoaNet
Chief Technology Officer
Paul Harding | Chief Financial Officer | NoaNet
Chief Financial Officer