Telehealth is an increasingly formidable addition to the healthcare system. There are many aspects of telehealth that ensure it’s future in the healthcare industry. In locations where specialized services are not available telehealth can provide access to care from specialists in an affordable and timely way.  This means specialists can tend to patients in the most rural of communities and provide a level of care that has never before been available to some regions. NoaNet is committed to supporting world-class infrastructure to facilitate these life-changing healthcare options for all Washington residents.

“Any tools that we can latch onto that help us to provide better access to ongoing primary care for low-income individuals is something I am personally invested in.”  -Diane Cooper, Cowlitz Family Health CEO

Telehealth may also be a solution for assisting in recovery services. Patients may be able to go home sooner to their homes, and their support systems, while still receiving 24/7 monitoring from clinical staff to ensure their well-being. This may lessen expenses for healthcare services as well as allowing the patient to return to a more typical daily routine with their families while still receiving care.

For some patients, travel is a huge task that adds stress and inconvenience to their healthcare experience. With telehealth technologies there may be no need to travel for some aspects of care, but rather the patient may access their services from the comfort of their own home.