Access Control & Surveillance

NoaNet’s Access Control and Surveillance solution is a world-class solution hosted on NoaNet’s private cloud infrastructure and will meet or exceed the specific needs of your organization. Choose from a variety of IP door controllers, input and output modules, card printers, access control cards and readers to use with our Access Control Platform, or integrate existing devices to meet your needs.



Global Cardholder Management- Efficiently manage cardholders and credentials across multiple sites, creating them centrally or at a remote site, and then have them automatically synchronized across one or more locations. Design custom badge templates for print on paper or card badges for employees.

Adaptable to your Security Demands- Whether you need to secure a large, multi-site facility, or a smaller installation with a few doors, the system is designed to scale as your operations grow, while always providing you the freedom to choose from leading open access control hardware.

Simplified Wiring- Leverage your corporate network to reduce your infrastructure costs. A single Ethernet cable that provides power and communications to the IP edge readers further reduces the wiring needed to set up your access control infrastructure.



Event Management & Alerts- Customize how events are handled and communicated using a robust system that is highly configurable to meet the security level your entity requires, such as motion or forced door openings triggering an alert or notification to specific users or groups.

Security Center Mobile- Monitor live video feeds, respond to access control alerts and share live video with colleagues at the office from your smartphone or other web-connected devices, such as a tablet or laptop.

Use Your Cameras- Our system integrates with most web-enabled cameras so we can leverage your current system.