How the
Northwest Connects


NoaNet Leadership

The NoaNet leadership team is made up of a group of dedicated individuals who are united in advancing the mission of universal broadband access. Bringing expertise and experience from a variety of fields, their knowledge and experience come together to drive results and to build connections within the communities NoaNet serves.

Dave Spencer – Chief Executive Officer - NoaNet
Chief Executive Officer
Paul Harding | Chief Financial Officer | NoaNet
Chief Financial Officer
Craig Nelsen | Chief Operations Officer | NoaNet
Chief Operations Officer
John Smith | Chief Technology Officer | NoaNet
Chief Technology Officer
Mike Henson | Chief Security Officer | NoaNet
Chief Security Officer
Rob Kopp | Chief Innovation Officer | NoaNet
Chief Innovation Officer
Duane Ball | Business Systems & Technology Director | NoaNet
Business Systems & Technology Director
John Fryling | Operations Director | NoaNet
Operations Director
Rich Nall | General Manager of Tri-Cities | NoaNet
General Manager of Tri-Cities
Chris Walker | Telecommunications Director | NoaNet
Telecommunications Director